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Our Mission

Is to create and advocate for healthy, vibrant, safe communities through the development of affordable housing and educational opportunities for families, seniors and individuals of low and moderate income.


Our Vision

OUR VISION is a community where every child and adult have access to Safe, Decent, Affordable Housing, along with educational and training opportunities. We believe a home is the foundation which builds a healthy community where families can grow, strive for their dreams and hope for their future.

A non-profit developer, Visionary Home Builders’ most significant achievement was its emergence from a small group of farm workers in 1983, whose sole purpose was to improve the living environment for farm workers in public housing into a prominent leader in the development and renovation of housing in the Central Valley region.

Visionary Home Builders’ development of a year-round housing community for farm workers is a vision that began 40 years ago. Starting with the construction of nine self-help homes, and what we’ve built today, a 70-unit multi-family development known as Casa de Esperanza stands as our shining jewel. This housing community was distinctively designed to house 70 large families in a beautiful environment that includes Head Start, a health clinic, job placement, classes to teach English as a second language and many other services. Living out our vision for Purposely Built Housing, Visionary Home Builders is a multi-cultural agency.  Our dreams of a small group of farm workers has never been forgotten. We build housing and strengthen communities in the toughest neighborhoods that no other developer would consider. Our road to success has not been an easy path to take but it is rewarding to be recognized along the way.


The Benefit to the Community

As a non-profit developer, Visionary Home Builders of California, Inc., has brought millions of dollars into the community. From its inception, VHB has built more than 700 single-family homes and developed more than 1,400 units of rental housing. Homeownership, the American Dream, continues to be one of the main goals for helping our customers.


The Homeownership and Rental Center

The housing crisis has been a very difficult time for many of the homeowners in the communities we serve.  Through our Homeownership and Rental Center, we play a key role in helping thousands of homeowners who have struggled through the foreclosure process, as well as those seeking loan modifications. The Homeownership and Rental Center has been a great asset to those who are looking to buy a home, avoid foreclosure and assist customers to find rental housing.
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